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Competitions for university students:
Debate about this theme "Sengkarut Covid-19 Membuat Indonesia Kalut"

Debate Competition: 21th December 2021
Final Competition: 22th December 2021

Registration Debate DMC 2021: 
Batch 1 (29th November - 09th Desember 2021) IDR Registration 75K, Re-registration 150K*
Batch 2 (10th Desember 2021 - 16th Desember 2021) IDR Registration 100K, Re-registration 200K*

Registration Include t-shirt DMC, talk show DMC, sticker

Payment Via Bank Transfer:
BCA 5721182631 a/n Restiana Febrianti
BRI 368801023943539 a/n Ara Hodailma

Registration from link: http://bit.ly/RegistrationDebateDMC2021

Re-registration : https://bit.ly/Re-RegistrationDMC2021

Registration Requirements :
1. Submit an essay according to the theme "Sengkarut Covid-19 Membuat Indonesia Kalut"
2. Send the registration file, namely the registration form, originality sheet, KTM scan sheet

Registration File:

Lets register your team to become the winner of this debate competition and get the reward.

These are special reward for the winners for each category of competition:
1st: Trophy + Certificate + money
2nd: Trophy + Certificate + Coaching money
3rd: Trophy + Certificate + Coaching money
Consolation Prize: Trophy + Certificate + Coaching money

For more information, please kindly ask:
Aurelia : 085716723866
Yunisa : 08161139296

Or stay tuned on our instagram @managementcompetition @hmmunida
Website: dmcfestival2018.wixsite.com/dmc2020

Lets join in DMC 2021, register now!


Djuanda Management Competition 2021

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