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Conference Topics

Conference Topics

BICSS 2018 UNIVERSITAS DJUANDA (UNIDA) - The  main theme is: "CAPACITY EMPOWERMENT BASED ON LOCAL RESOURCES FOR HUMAN WELL BEING: UNIQUENESS, SELLING POINT, VALUE CREATION". We invite proposals for paper presentations addresing one of the following themes:

Law Civil Law Business Law Property Law Criminal Law Human Right Environmental Law Other areas of Law

Business and Business Sharia Business Performance Management Product Management Case studies related to Business Entrepreneurship International Business New Product Development Marketing Strategy Consumer Behavior Advertising Management Other areas of Business

Banking Investment Accounting Finance Engineering Stock Market Insurance Finance Management Other areas of Finance

Economics The overall economy and economic growth The formation of human resources and market mechanisms The public economy and economy of public health The environment, resources, and agricultural economy International economy and industry Economic analysis of family interactions Other areas of Economics

Communication Communication Management Journalism Advertising Radio, Television & Film Language and Communication Information Communication Communication Arts Communications and Technology Publishing Other areas of Communication

Administration Business Administration Public Administration Organizational Behavior Public Policy Administration/ Leadership Other areas of Administration

Management International Enterprise Human resources Logistics Risk Management Supply Chain Management Information Systems Electronic Commerce Industry Innovation Corporate Governance Health Care Management Hospitality and Tourism Management Human Resource Management Corporate Governance Organizational Communication Other areas of Management

Society Social Work in Modern Society Social Research or Social Science Social Policy and Social Legislation Caring or Research for the Elderly Social Psychology Family Research Child Research Online Society or Online Community Ethic in Society Globalization impacts Technology or Criminology in Society Other areas of Society

Politics Political Science International Affairs and Strategic Studies Governmental Systems & Practices Politics and Ethics International Relations Political Economy Other areas of Politics

Education Adult and Continuing Education Curriculum, Research, and Development Early Childhood and Family Education Education Policy and Educational Communications and Technology Educational Measurement and Evaluation E-learning Elementary Education Graduate and Postgraduate School of Curriculum Instruction Higher Education Information and Computer Education Language Education Human Resource Development Social Studies Education Special Education Other areas of Education

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