Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

This is an Alert To guarantee smooth administration, the whole submission process is done fully online and NOT by email.

Here is the procedure:

1. Create new account: click “Sign Up” at ICSS Conference homepage.
2. Check your email and activate your account.
3. Login to your account: click “Login” at ICSS Conference homepage or direct link in your email.
4. Fill all personal data and abstract/paper detail required.
5. Submit your abstracts.
6. Monitor and check your registration status and progress by login to your account.
7. The conference committee will send officially letter and announce the abstract review result: Accepted or Rejected.
8. Make the payment (only after announcement of abstract acceptance – LOA received) and upload the payment proof through our online system (NOT email): by login to your account, then select “Payment Confirmation” menu under “Followed Event – ICSS Conference” dashboard.
9. Upload your Full paper (after payment being confirmed by committee):  by login to your account, then select “Upload Paper” menu under “Followed Event – ICSS Conference” dashboard.
10. Choose preferable publication opportunity (optional): You can select publication opportunity list for indexed international journal by login to your account, then select “Publication Opportunity” menu under “Followed Event – ICSS Conference” dashboard.
11. Create your presentation.
12. Go to the conference as per schedule.

Note for publication: Please check with any plagiarism detection software and make sure to have only at most 25% similarity score. Any paper with more than 25% similarity score will not be considered in the publication database unless specify to us the proof of similarity score.

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