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Conference Topics

Conference Topics

BICAS 2018 UNIVERSITAS DJUANDA (UNIDA) - We would like to invite you to be one of presenters or participants  on The Second Bogor International Conference for Applied Science (The 2nd BICAS 2018). The theme of this conference is "Capacity Empowerment of Local Resources Based On Halal Certification For Global Market". We invite proposals for paper presentations addresing one of the following themes:

Halal Science Halal Management Halal Certification Halal and Thoyib Halal Supply Chain Halal Industry Halal Slaughtering Halal Food Tracer

Agriculture Organic agriculture Agricultural biotechnology Livestock, dairy farming and small ruminants Veterinary and feeding system Poultry farming Aquaculture and fisheries Field crops Floriculture Fruits and citrus Greenhouses and horticulture Agricultural buildings Agricultural machinery Fertilisers and chemicals Irrigation and water management Plants, seeds and propagation materials Plant protection and fertilization Post harvest treatment Precise agriculture Intensive growing methods Renewable energy in agriculture Information and communication technology Rural development Employment in agriculture Agro industry start–ups Turnkey, joint projects and know–how Financing credits and agricultural subsidies Government egislation on agriculture The partnership between Government, Corporate and farmers Other areas of Agriculture

Animal Sciences Animal physiology Animal Management Animal Anatomy Animal Ecology Animal Breeding Animal Nutrition Poultry Science Insect Sciences Other areas of Animal Science

Botanical Sciences Plant Genetics Plant Biology Photochemistry Plant Breeding Plant Protection Interactions Botanical Drugs Other areas of botanical sciences

Food Sciences Technology and raw materials for food production Biotechnology and nutraceutical technologies Nanotechnologies in food and agriculture Green technologies in food production Food processing machines Food preparation Food packaging Food safety and food security Quality control of raw materials Food inspection systems International certifications Nutrition and dietary problems Halal Food Import and export of food and agricultural products Interaction between agricultural production and retailing Logistics of agricultural production Other areas of Food

Soil and Environmental Sciences Soil Science Soil Contamination Soil Conservation Soil Productivity Soil Biology Biological Chemistry Environment Pollution in Agriculture Other areas of soil and environmental sciences

Biological Sciences and Biotechnology Biological Engineering Biological Pesticides Biological Pest Control(insects, nematodes, weeds and plant diseases) Biofertilizers Biosecurity Biochemistry Reproductive Biology Biodiversity Microbiology Cell Biology Molecular Biology Biotechnology in Agriculture Genetic Engineering in Agriculture Nanotechnology in Agriculture

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